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Meet the Owner

All of my life I was told I couldn't. By my coach, my teachers, and my friends. No one believed in my skating or in me. No one except two amazing people who inspired me to live my dream...my parents. I owe all of my successes through skating and life to them. They encouraged me and never gave up on me even when I had lost hope in myself. They instilled determination and self confidence that if I didn't have, I would have hung up my skates years ago.

The older I become and the more people I meet, I realize how fortunate I am to have people in my life to believe in me. I want to provide the same kind of inspiration to every skater and every athlete that I can. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Never give up, believe in yourself, and love what you do. If you do that, great success will come!-Brittyni Carlson




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