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These are our own skating accomplishments 1" pin buttons. Accomplishment badges are all badges of elements that skaters work towards achieving. With accomplishment badges, when the skater reaches their goal you have something affordable to reward them with! 
Basic Skaters
Accomplishment badges are great for coaches and clubs. With basics, children often get discouraged when they don’t receive a badge when passing a level. If students don’t pass, you are still able to reward them for their effort with an accomplishment badge. Now you can give them a badge with one of their strongest elements. With accomplishment badges, everyone walks away with something in their hand showing their hard work. 
Above Basics
These badges also gives the students outside of basics a reward for all of their hard work . A badge is a great reward for their milestone of landing their axel. Elements are available all the way through triples!

These badges are for coaches, clubs, and parents to give to their skaters. Badges can be made into:

  • Skatings club logo
  • Skating Elements
  • Fun quotes
  • Coaches favorite sayings
  • Testing Levels
  • Anything you want!


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