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​What Skating is to a Skater

What Skating is to a SkaterPOSTED ON SEPTEMBER 24, 2014Why do we skate? For that feeling of complete bliss as soon as you step onto the ice. Being able to come to the rink after the worse day ever and let everything go. It doesn’t matter whether you can land a triple toeloop [...]

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​Only Skaters Can Understand

Only Skaters Can UnderstandPOSTED ON SEPTEMBER 17, 2014“Understanding is deeper than knowledge. There are many people who know you, but there are very few who understand you”How many friends do you have? How many of those friends are from skating? How many of those “friends” understand how difficult skating is? There is [...]

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Saving Time Training

Saving Time TrainingPOSTED ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2014How many hours a week do you waste while training? How many jumps or spins do you attempt without trying to change anything from the previous attempt? Training isn’t always about how many hours you spend on the ice; it is about how effective you are while [...]

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School + Skating = Sacrifice

School + Skating = SacrificePOSTED ON SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 “Most people who don’t want to sacrifice will find excuses. The people willing to make sacrifices find solutions.”It pains me to say that summer has ended, and with that school begins. 9 1/2 more months will pass before we can experience endless hours spent at the [...]

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​Ill-Fitting Skates Causes Money and Pain

Ill-Fitting Skates Causes Money and PainPOSTED ON AUGUST 27, 2014The first word that comes to mind for a figure skater when they think skating is “life.” The first word that comes to mind for the parents when they think skating is “money.” Figure skating is a very, very expensive sport. Some families flush even more [...]

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​Competition Control

Competition ControlPOSTED ON AUGUST 11, 2014Why do skaters compete? You might be expecting, especially based off the motivational site this tends to be, that you are about to read the answer “because it is fun, for the pure joy of skating, to show off the skaters accomplished skills, for the experience and so on.” Yes [...]

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Out of Your Control

Out of Your ControlPOSTED ON AUGUST 5, 2014Do you get nervous before a competition or a test session? Do you start freaking out over the little things? One way to calm your nerves before an event is to understand the things that are out of your control. There is no reason to stress, get [...]

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Shouting Whispers of Skate Moms

Shouting Whispers of Skate MomsPOSTED ON JULY 29, 2014There is no such thing as a quiet whisper at the rink. Anything that is said at the rink might as well be shouted from the roof tops. No matter how quiet or private a conversation is, 99% of the time it will be leaked [...]

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1 + 1 = 2 Training Our Bodies and Our Minds

1 + 1 = 2 Training Our Bodies and Our MindsPOSTED ON JULY 22, 2014 “We don’t just need to train our bodies, we also need to train our minds.”Have you ever been told you are rushing? To slow down, wait, take your time, finish your movements? I’m assuming if you have ever worked with any [...]

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Treat Failure Like a Scientist

Treat Failure Like a ScientistPOSTED ON JULY 8, 2014Figure skaters ARE athletes. Strong, determined, hardworking and committed are just a beginning to describe athletes. But when we list off words to describe athletes and figure skaters, scientists are not one of the words that pops up. This is; however, what we need [...]

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