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Focus on the Journey, Not the Destination

Focus on the Journey, Not the DestinationPOSTED ON JULY 1, 2014 “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not infinishing an activity but in doing it.”–Greg AndersonI just finished coaching at a skating camp for 2 weeks where I noticed the focus of an overwhelming amount of skaters was in the wrong direction. [...]

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​WATCH OUT for Ice Etiquette

WATCH OUT for Ice EtiquettePOSTED ON JUNE 24, 2014“WATCH OUT! MOOOOOOOOVE Get out of my way!” The screams and grunts to move and get of out of the way happen on a daily basis at the rink. Some skaters think they own the ice and others are too scared to move away from the [...]

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What Skaters Need From Mom and Dad

What Skaters Need From Mom and DadPOSTED ON JUNE 17, 2014Two words: Rink Moms (or dads)! We all know them, and we all roll our eyes at them. They are the parents that want the best for the child but get a little too involved or they are the ones that are trying to [...]

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Finding Inspiration

Finding InspirationPOSTED ON JUNE 10, 2014Going to practice day after day can get a little mundane. I loved skating and training, but there were days I did NOT want to go to the rink. Whether it was being tired or bored, the thought of having to get ready (which is half of the [...]

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Show Time=DRAMA Part 3 RESPECT

Show Time=DRAMA Part 3 RESPECTPOSTED ON JUNE 3, 2014This is the section in the show time series that makes my blood boil. The other sections are the usual expected drama that I can see both sides from. I can understand being upset about having a horrible costume or being placed in the wrong [...]

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​Show Time= DRAMA Part 2 Show Groups

Show Time= DRAMA Part 2 Show GroupsPOSTED ON MAY 27, 2014“I have to skate with WHO!?” Are the words that ring in the air when the show groups are chosen.Every club has a different method of choosing who is in what show group. It doesn’t matter what method is used, there are usually upset parents [...]

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​Show Time = Drama PART 1 COSTUMES

Show Time = Drama PART 1 COSTUMESPOSTED ON MAY 6, 2014It’s the time of the annual club show and that can only mean one thing….DRAMA. Every year at show time, no matter what club I worked with or heard about, there is always drama. Get a group of skaters together and try to [...]

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​ How Olympians Stay Motivated

How Olympians Stay MotivatedPOSTED ON FEBRUARY 27, 2014How Olympians Stay MotivatedWonderful article to stay motivated from The Atlantic http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/02/…How Olympians Stay MotivatedOLGA KHAZAN FEB 7 2014, 8:00 AM EMindfulness, self-talk, and an obscure chunk of the brain help elite athletes get through the training grind.ReutersUntil the 1990s, Olympic figure skating included a segment called “compulsory [...]

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What Great Skaters Don’t Realize In Competitions

What Great Skaters Don’t Realize In CompetitionsPOSTED ON FEBRUARY 12, 2014 What Great Skaters Don’t RealizeSometimes intimidation gets the best of us and we don’t realize our own strengths and abilities.Before a competition, I have seen so many skaters lose their mental focus (including myself). They start thinking about other skaters and how good they are [...]

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Stress of the Test

Stress of the TestPOSTED ON JANUARY 27, 2014Why is it that whenever it comes to a test or a competition, the week of the, the day before, or even during warm up everything seems to fall apart? Training for months, and everything is solid until the test approaches. All of the sudden there is [...]

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